December 2014 marks 22 years of Crystal Kids vital work - nurturing and supporting at-risk and vulnerable children and youth. We divert our kids from criminal activity and addictions. We protect our kids from hunger, abuse, and neglect. Intentional one-on-one mentoring occurs at all levels of programming at Crystal Kids. We impact our young people in a way that strengthens their resiliency and empowers them to choose education and a productive future over street life, misery, and reliance on social supports.

Succinctly we feed, nurture and supervise neglected inner-city children.

  • Staff observation indicates 90% of centre attendees suffer from
       neglect at home
  • 70% of centre attendees have been exposed to family violence
       either as the witness to, as the victim of, or as the perpetrator
  • For all of our children and their families/caregivers, security of the
       basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter is a daily risk

In order to mitigate these risks, Crystal Kids provides nutritional support, literacy and life skills coaching as well as athletic and artistic programming. We are keenly aware that the diversion work that we do has kept families together and functioning, supported children through times when their families were not able to provide food, clothing and shelter security, supervised children when their parents were not able to do so, and specifically were unable to parent in a healthy manner. We diverted children from choosing gangs and prostitution or other high-risk lifestyles. As a result of our activities, many children remain in families which could not function without the aid and support of Crystal Kids.

"Crystal Kids is an integrated community support centre focused on building resilience, providing opportunities, and encouraging life-long learning through its partnerships and programs. We provide intentional and purposeful mentoring, resiliency and capacity building in conjunction with providing nutritional support, literacy and educational support, sports, fitness, and recreation programming, creative expression, artistic and cultural programming."

But we can't do this good work alone! We need your help. All programs are free of charge to families!

We provide invaluable resources and support networks to help maintain dignity and balance in our youths' lives. We also reach out to those who suffer from isolation, including seniors and recent immigrant families, providing them with healthy communication and positive social interaction. Overall, we're a safe, supporting and friendly environment for anyone who needs us.

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